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At Crowns & Gowns we believe that finding your Perfect Dress, should be a special time, one that you will look back on and wish you could "do it all again" and as we at Crowns & Gowns book just 2 appointments daily, you will have as much time as you need to select the perfect style for your Wedding and with only your closest family and friends in attendance, your experience in choosing your wedding Gown will be as personal and unique as you and your Wedding. 

Our carefully selected Gowns from Leading British Designers offer you a full range and selection of style. Our "Made For You"  Gowns have Immaculate cuts and Beautiful Design features with affordability in an "Off the Peg" price range, so making finding that dress, "the one" all the easier, with no panic and absolutely no pressure.


From initial consultation and trying on of dresses, to fittings and alterations, we ensure your Dream Dress is perfect for you and your Wedding Day.   


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